With the end of the cold war, the ranks of spies and other undercover agents in the world was greatly diminished.  The later creation of the war on terror created new needs for those willing to risk their lives for their country, but generally in hot places where little English is spoken and the food leaves much to be desired.

So, in the spirit of American entrepreneurship, we’ve decided to both help out our country and also make a little cash on the side, by offering you the ability to take a vacation to someplace nice while at the same time acting as an undercover agent for the benefit of America.  You pay the bills, but your country will recognize your efforts and thank you.*

* ( Note: If captured or discovered, your country won’t actually recognize you nor help you in any way.  And, if you get back alive, it can never publicly nor privately do anything, so you’ll need to just be secure in your own head that you’ve done the right thing. )